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In business it's people that make the difference between success and failure they are a company's greatest asset. To ensure the best chance of success, it's essential that companies recruit the right people, support their transition into the company, provide a stimulating and challenging work environment, reward them appropriately, and develop them over time.

How we Help

To assist companies capitalise on their people resources, BLUHAT offers a range of solutions in Strategic Human Resource Management, Recruitment and Management Consulting. Not only can we assist your company with recruiting the right people but we can also help to design and implement succession planning and development programs to promote retention, and ensure employees are engaged, developed promoted appropriately.

Our Human Resource and Management Consulting services support companies through growth and transition, whether it be at the strategic planning and alignment level, or at an implementation level. Where companies are undergoing merger and acquisition, or a change in corporate direction, BLUHAT is also able to support with a range of Outplacement and Career Transition Services.

Our Consultants

Our BLUHAT consultants are well qualified and experienced, and understand the fundamentals of business. As such, they are able to develop robust, innovative solutions to meet the needs of their clients. With offices throughout Australia, we are able to support our clients throughout Australia.

Clients can decide to work with us on a fully outsourced basis, or just use our team for specific projects. With a tailored approach to all client solutions, BLUHAT is able to accommodate the wide variety of needs of all of our clients.

If you would like to speak to us about HR Solutions, Recruitment or Management Consulting, please contact us today info@bluhat.com.au or 1300 802 661

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